Toddlers 2 to 6

2 Rain Garden

The Rain Garden is an area where families can explore all facets of Farming, Gardening, Water Conservation and Recycling. They will be able to actually plant various plants and watch them grow over the season. Children can raise their own plants or go to the pretend garden where they can see where fake plants, vegetables & flowers come from with out getting dirty. These life like components will show each plants in its natural growing component, like carrots grow below the soil and tomatoes grow above grade on vines but use fake soil to keep children clean. Part of the exhibit area is of an active roof garden and how it can help keep a building cooler. Another exhibit deals with recycling water from the roof garden back to the roof. The Rain Garden House is designed to LEED GREEN standards.

Part of this exhibit area deals with recycling and how we need to separate Paper, Plastic, Metals and Hazardous materials to make new products from old material.

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