Mount Clemeans, Michigan
Architects iN Design

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Macomb Children's Hands-On Museum was recently presented with a gift of a 13,200 SF vacant lot in Down Town Mount Clemens, Michigan.
This will give the museum a chance to build a new Children's Museum of approximately 40,000 GSF in the heart of the business district.
Architects iN Design will now start to develop their building and exhibitry program and Master Plans for the new facility.

To help sell the concept of the building to the community Architects iN Design was asked to develop a rendering for the building design to show what the building could possibly look like. The building is to be about 40,000 GSF and have a full basement, two floors of high ceiling exhibit space and a fully functional roof capable of housing more exterior exhibitry, roof garden and greenhouse. This is our concept rendering of what their new building could look like.

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