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Titus Town Recreational & Visual Art Center
City of Norfolk. Norfolk, Virginia

Architects iN Design was hired by the City of Norfolk to complet the design and construction for the new 22,500 square foot Recreation and Visual Art Center in the Titustown area of Norfolk, Virginia. From the start the project involved various City agencies consisting of Parks and Recreation, City Maintenance and Reviewing agencies, and Various Citizen groups to help define the required spaces and identify various community needs. This is the first project for the City of Norfolk to combine a Recreation / Community Center with the City's main Visual Art facility. Construction was completed in December of 2002 with the dedication in January 2003. The project consists of five visual art studios for ceramics, clay metal & stained glass, woodworking and a senior room for meetings and art related activities. The recreational side includes full gymnasium, meeting rooms with a teaching kitchen, game room, office and public restrooms.

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