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Sherwood Forest Recreational Center City of Norfolk.

The original community center was 2,600 square feet and contained one multi-purpose room, one craft room, one office, one toilet and two small storage rooms. The building was located adjacent to the Sherwood Forest Elementary School and was used by the school for indoor sports. We were given the task of adding 14,000 square feet to the existing building and at the same time solving some of their problems of vandalism and relocating the main entrance so people would not park along Sherwood Forest Road and block the school buses from picking up the afternoon children. Needless to say, the existing 2,600 square foot building did not meet the neighborhood’s nor the school’s educational program needs. We therefore relocated the main entrance and new parking away from Sherwood Forest Road. We developed a high clear story glazing system to eliminate their break in problems. Windows, roofing and brick were peeled off the existing building so that the new addition would be tied into the existing building and not look like an addition. The facility contains a full gymnasium with seating for 200+ spectators, game room, equipment issue area and office, new multi-purpose room with kitchen and storage, a new craft room with separate room for four kilns, and toilet/locker/showers for both men and women. The existing spaces were redecorated with new finishes. To meet the owner’s concern about break, in we designed the new addition so that all glazing was at least 6'-8" above finish flooring. We also provided all new clear story lighting and multiple skylights so that electrical lighting could be kept to a minimum during day time hours. Solid color brick was provided to make graffiti removable, through water blasting, easier. The most important design consideration of this building was the use of sloped roofs to reduce the scale of the building and give it more of a residential feeling. This design when presented at the community civic meeting, received very good reviews, and was approved without any modifications.

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