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East Ocean View Recreational Center
City of Virginia Beach,Virginia

This facility was designed around a minimal supervision philosophy... in other words "limited staffing". The director was required to have visual and voice communication from her office to the gym, game room, equipment issue desk, and visual access to the front door and doors to the restrooms. A second employee supervises multi-purpose activities and all exterior activities; therefore, the facility was designed for visual internal supervision around the small office. The second requirement was to have as much glass for natural lighting as possible, but all glazing had to be at least 6'-0" above finish floor to discourage break in and vandalism. All of these elements were designed into this facility. The building consists of the following spaces: full high school size gym basketball court with seating for 200; game room with two pool tables two table tennis boards and two foosball tables; office with separate equipment issue and storage; lobby with vending area; menís and womenís toilets with locker and shower rooms; club room/meeting room with separate complete kitchen; kiln room and general storage that connects club room and gymnasium. The property constantly flooded so the building had to be raised 4 foot to keep the main floor dry. The building was also designed for totally physically handicapped accessibility directly from the parking lot.

East Ocean View Phase One

East Ocean View
Phase Two
Computer Room Addition

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