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This 52,000 square foot, two story facility was designed for three side by side basketball courts open to each other. Floor markings in this area will also allow for five volleyball courts and six badminton courts. On the same level as the basketball courts, we designed the main entrance/reception area and public toilets. Adjacent to this is the Universal weight room surrounded on three sides by an aluminum and glass enclosure system. This gives staff members total visual control over all exercise equipment. A corridor adjacent to the Universal room is for observation over the eight racquetball/squash courts. The roof system over the gym, main entrance/reception area, and Universal weight room is heavy timber exposed saw tooth trusses with continuous skylights to give a contemporary feeling throughout this level and allow as much natural light into the spaces as possible. Natural lighting is one of the keys to our building success. The lower level of this facility houses entrances to all squash/racquetball courts, office space, separate free weight room and main male and female toilets, locker rooms and showers. This level also houses an indoor eight lane 25 yard totally competitive speed racing pool. Future additions to this facility will include a 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 meter diving tank on the space immediately to the left of the main entrance

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