Lamberts Point Community Center
City of Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia

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The Lamberts Point Community Center
that opened in February 2010, is a 24,300 GSF
Community Center that was designed for the
City of Norfolk. This is Mr. Greaves sixth
Community Center for the City. This facility is
the City of Norfolk's first LEED Gold Certified
building. It is constructed on a 2.5 acre site
adjacent to the Old Dominion University site near
downtown Norfolk. The building footprint was
designed to use a Rain Garden to filter 90% of
the roof runoff and 100% of the 78 space
parking lot. The parking lot was designed around
a concrete pavers system that allowed the rain
water to filter through to the below grade
collection system where it is allowed to filter into
the ground water. All building components were
designed to reduce the carbon footprint of the
building and reduce utilities to a bare minimum.
The building houses a full gymnasium with
6 basketball back stops and an indoor volley ball
court while 250 spectators look on in natural and
man made light. The building also supports twin
multi purpose room with a full kitchen, art room,
exercise room, game room and a 20 station
computer technology room. This is only Norfolk's
second themed community center and its theme is
"Outdoor Adventure". We have a 28 foot tall rock
faced climbing wall and a 2,500 GSF children's
challenge rope course and a children's climbing wall.
This is the first rope challenge course of it's kind
where children can experience twelve rope challenges
while being only18 inches off the padded floor.

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