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Architects iN Design was awarded it's 26 Children's Museum project to convert a early 1900 Chocolate Factory building into the new Giggle Works Children's Museum in Reading, Pennsylvania.
The first phase will involve about 19,200 GSF of the existing 25,000 SF buildings. The site is surrounded by typical masonry constructed manufacturing buildings in an industrial area of Reading, PA.
The interesting part of this site is the different architectural style and ages of buildings involved within this building group. We will be able to remove the newest ugly block building to create and exterior exhibit area and at the same time enhancing and reinforcing the older designs. Softening up the industrial look of the existing building group, while making it KID friendly will be the biggest part of the site development process. Enclosed is a series of existing pictures of the site and building and a proposed new look of the buildings that could represent what fun will be found inside.

Existing Manufacturing Site and Building Boundaries

Early Concept Plan

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